Tina Williams

Tina visited the British Isles for the first time in the fall of 1982…and fell in love. Captivated by the sheer rustic charm that seemed to await every turn on many a long country walk in the years that followed, she has become a confirmed Anglophile, and these scenes of wonder and enchantment are now the primary focus of her painting.

While there were certainly artistic influences in Tina’s early years in the foothills of California’s Central Valley, there was nothing to suggest the outpouring of artistic creativity and the development of talent which have taken place in the last few years. In fact, those intervening years saw nary a glance at a palette, nor any glint in the eye at the sight of an easel—which might be a bit of a shame considering what has happened since. Yet Tina feels her artistic development is related to a broader range of development, and benefits from the expanded horizons conferred by time’s gift to us all—those years of experience which provide the foundation for a better sense of perspective.

Perspective, though, can become something of a relative concept within the contemporary art scene. While tastes and interpretations are certainly within the eye of the beholder, perhaps one could be forgiven for wondering about the prevalence of the obscure in so much modern art. This might help to explain the enormous success of Thomas Kinkade's pure aesthetic imagery: His artistry is simple and accessible to all, and his work has had a significant influence on Tina's direction and development.

With quintessentially British architecture reproduced amid scenes of bright-hued floral warmth, under skies forming canopies of magical ambiance, Tina’s paintings create an appreciation for those fleeting moments of wonderment we can all recall, but which are too rare in reality. Here are places we wish we could visit, scenes we wish we could experience. These are pictures of magic and charm—pictures that won’t require Sister Wendy’s delightfully engaging analysis to tell us what’s really going on within these frames, for as soon as we look, we shall know.

We hope you enjoy Tina's artistry. If you’d like to share your impressions, or to receive future announcements automatically, please send an e-mail to Tina@tinawilliams.com. And if you’d like to see a selection of future paintings as they become available, add www.tinawilliams.com to your browser's list of favorites--and we'll look forward to your next visit to Tina’s Internet gallery.

Paul Williams  

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